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HI! I’m Annalisa!

Nice to meet you! I’m a camera-slinging adventurer looking to document our moments ‘in between’ as authentically as possible. I believe the best way to explore a city (including my own) is by foot.

Most days you can find me working in Tribeca, on an urban hike across the Williamsburg Bridge, pushing myself by way of yoga, baking gluten free, or planning my next adventure. I’m also member of the Camera of the Month Club. Check us out!

My equipment: a digital Mirrorless Canon EOS M6 (55mm and 250mm lenses), a Nikon F2 35mm film camera (50mm lens), a Neo Classic Instax (60mm), Argus C3 film camera (50mm) aka “The Brick” and my iPhone.

I am always looking to grow. Please don’t hesitate to message me with any feedback. Thanks for stopping by!